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I Feel Like Screaming

Hiii. I had An Awesome Brek But now Its cuming to An end!! Fuck!! Ya. I really Dont Wana Go To School Because of all The Drama! seriously. Guys Sam Thomas And Michael.I Need To THink About Alot Of Shit!! SO if i Dont hang W/ You Guys that Doesnt mEan that I Dont Love you Guys! It Just Means I need TO Think About Alota Shit And whats Going on!! Kk!??!!?k Welll Newayz NEW YEARS WAS THE BOMB BABY!! HECK YES! Chilled with mu two Best friends Amber and Jessica. James/Shane And Jacob.. Bird Chilled for a while too. Yay! We Partied All Night Long!! Heck Yes!! Lol. I slept Oover @ Jessicas House and Went to sleep at 330. Me and Jessica Couldnt Stop Talking Shit! lol. then Went to Burbank Airport to Drop of My COusin and Went to Breakfast.. yesssss! then Got Home and Chilled Went to Ambers. Walked to Regal. Hung Out with Josh/James/Bird/Randy/Erin/Jessica/Shane/Allison ANd A Shit Load Of People.. Yesss! Then Walked To Ambers House waited for mom to pick me up. 11:15 Home. And Now Im Bored Shitless!! lol..

I Want To Get over You But Something Inside Of Me Wont LEt Me!! =/.. FUcking Ey!!! Well i will see you soon Bitch!! lol </3 Amber I Just Wana Say!! You Are my Best Friend And i love you!! Jessica Thanx For Everything!! I love you so much Best Friends For Life Fuckers!! TJA FOR LYF3!! lol <3 "Matty Doesnt Know That Amber And Bird Do IT In His Truck Every Sunday".. LMAO! Amber You Naughty Fucker!! J.k. <33 Bird I Love YOU! P.S. Tyler And Alysha Came To Regal Tonight!! Had Alota Fun!! Withought Asshole there it Would of Been Better!! Tyler i now Know Your True Colors.. Thanx. **You Act Like Nothing Ever Happend Between Us.. =/ But Maybe I should To** IM GoinG To GO LAter Fools!! Cya <33 Love Always, Tay Tay
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