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O Yes Baby!!

Heyyyy Yalls! Im in Sucha Awesome Mood Its Insane! LOL!! Well Winter break Has Been Awesome But its Now Cuming to And End// =(! Yeah.. mOnday Back To school One More Week To Have Fun And Stay Up And Party All Night Long!! Yay! <3 Just Talked to Amber and were going to the Mall tomorrow morning!! yess!!! Way Excited! Yeah then getting our nails done! woots! My Brother is Makin Dinner Yumm. The Weekend Break Down..

Regal/Dvds/Smokin Bud/Drinkin/Chillin/Drivin/Partyin/Park/Midnight/Laughs/Cigs/Friends/Hookin up/Confused Shit/Wall Hoping/Wreastling/The Grass/Valley View/Getting Cigs/The Boys/the Girls/Lieing/Music Bumpin/Kick Back/Simba/5:30/Sleeping/Chillin/Pipes/Raining/Falling/Flirting/Havin Fun//// That Night Was So Much Fun!!

Im Gonna Go// Later Fools/ <333

Havent Talked To sam Or Thomas In Three Days!! Wierd.. Just Thinking About It... Thanx K Bye <3

::Amber I love You::
::Call My Cell::

I love My Amber Mall Tomorrow Bitchness!
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