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Im Getting Fat.. =(

Alot Went On Today.. Went to School. Ugh. A Fight Broke Out Today..LAME! Sooo Chior Went Actually Good Today! We Didnt Suck HARDCORE!!! lol. Lunch Was Kinda Funny/Pissed off.. hahaha.. All the Doing of One Fucking Person!! THANX ALOT!!! Go Play On THe Freeway!! Newayz.. Lunch Passed Math Hit!! Omgosh! New there was going to be a Problem.. hahaha! Sam and Kaylee I swear.. hahaha! Sam Ur So Funny. I could Just see you saying Wana Talk More SHIT! lol. Well It was Getting a Little To Krazy So I stood Up.. hahaha! SAM STOP! PLEASE! lol. Niiiice.. hehehe. well then 7th went to Fuckin Kholes w/ Sam and We had a Blast. The day Was Called Everyone Show up At Kholes Day!!! hahaha! well on our Journey Home we Almost Got killed!! lol. then pinto Showed up outa no where. we got cold Stone and kept on walking. Then Met Jes. and Sprinted Back to School.. hehehe

We Came Back like 310. yay! so we said bye and i went across the Street w/ Jess and Sat w/ her and amanda And had a Cigy and then my mom came at like 345 or something.. and i went home. Chilled at home Doing NOTHING! Went to Ambers For 3 hours. and then came home and now Writting in Livejournal!! hehe!! Really not looking foward to tomorrow. 2 hours in Computer apps!! ehh SHITTYNESS! well yeah.. im going to go Sleepy!! 11:00!! O shit! Nighty Night

<33 always The TayMySter.
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