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Im loving it.

Semester break has just ended and school started on tuesday...alot of crazy things have been going on..i made up with people i havent talked to in a long ass time.and now im as happy as ever.i have an awesome group of friends that i love kickin it with!! theres so many people at apollo now..its nuts..RYAN im so happy u go there sneak stoges with me behind monte vista! many people..its different...Holly good luck with your date tomorrow with nick! lol hope you get FUCKED!haha.well i dont know if anyone reads these anymore but i love writting every once in awhile..RYAN u better hurry we should be smoking at the gate right now!!!!!! lol.. fucking ey.anyways...i think im getting fucking sick again!!!!! shit fucking sick giver! lol umm...i applied for baskin robins pretty sure im going to get the job!! YAY!

school is aweosme as fuck! i passed all my classes last i have office practice and wood!! haha that class is the shitt.. Lucus,david,george,and ty our little smoke sess's in the back room! haha! so everythings been pretty good..Amber i cant belive you crashed your truck u dumbfuck! lol i love you<3.well i feel emo as fuck right now..and i dont know why... i got really fucked up today and i feel like im coming down!! lol cuz i get emo off pills!well so happy now.. im finally talking to my old love,good friend again..and its good. we finally hung out and it was like old times...well a little different of course.but it was good. i really missed him..smoking bong loads in his times.

well i think im out. peace <3
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