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He was my best guy friend and i will miss him so much. he ment so much to me. whenever i had something to say he was there to time i called him so late because i wanted to tell him what the answer was to this bio ?. lol he didnt answer but i left a pretty long message. he was everything in a good friend. he had a unique personality thats what i loved about him. he always wanted everyone happy..even if he wasnt he wanted other people to. he was such a good person. great heart.and i will never forget him. EvEr.He made a big impact in my life.if it wasnt for him i probly would be a tweaker.he saved me,u saved me babe,JAMESY.I cant belive your really gone.its to soon,you will only 17 what the fuck!!!!!! u were to young.i guess all i have is the memories.wat we used to do together how it used to be. i saw you eveeryday at school even if you werent at school i saw you or called you or talked to you online.something.u were so close to me and i know i was close to you.hey Maria our bio teacher thought we were going out,did we act like we were? lol wow.thinking back i remeber when i first met you. me and jess had some project to do and i came over.u weere there eating sun flower seeds and i saw you..u were so cute.=)i sat down on the inside of the car seat lol in the garage and you sat next to me.trying to wet me with the hose.haha.we started to flirt and i farted! lol "I always know when im comfterable around someone i could fart".And you laughed and said wow no girl has ever done that. i knew from then i liked you and i had a little feeling you liked me to and hey jess told me you had our little james and taylor thing. and we became the best of were such an important thing to me and i will never forget will be in my heart forever.R.I.P.Jamesy. i love you.i'll be seein you.
Jamesy+Titler The Hun=Best Friends For life Byotch
<3 Titler The Hun
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