Sober Tay (xeskimo_kidx) wrote,
Sober Tay

I Never Knew About Him...

Well..9th grade i liked you alot and you knew i did..10th we didnt even talk.11th now were good friends and i think i like you all over again..I now remeber what i liked in you.ur cute,funny,sweet,asshole,PERFECT 4 mee..but idk.idk whats going to happen if you feel the same way for you me as i do for you..idk what im going to do...Maybe this weekend well see..;]!! Anyways,a friend of mine who i thought i liked wants to get back with his gf that he claims he loves..but i dont think someone who loves u could cheat on you and like other bitches..ya think? I mean i know im right here. I know he doesnt love her he cant love her..But he claims to everyone he does except me..He tells me diffeerent then he tells everyone else.It just pisses me off he lies..Like he thinks i dont know..Well let him get with his little ugly gf and have a good life with that..Cheating on her and shit..w/ think this is over with now!! lol im done!!!!!!! yepp..Subway now fuckers!!!!!!!ttyl
<3 Titty Tay
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