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Once A Stoner..Always A Stoner

Hey even if i dont smoke bud anymore. im still the same wierd,wild insane crazy tay!! lol ive come to realize that theres more to life then smoking the ganja!! i love it but i cant do it anymore.. i dont want to get in trouble anymore.its not worth it you know? well ya.. same shits been going on.. now im just grounded for this whole weekend!!! hope the weekend goes by wayyyy fast!! Degrassi is on tonight and i still havent seen laguna beach.. so i have some things to catch up on.. my cell phone is not working for some fucking reason..but my SN is Rockybabe517 IM ME FUCKERS!!! then i will have something to do!! yepp but im going to go so ill ttyl
<3 Sober Tay hahaha
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