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I Love The Way You Say I Love You

Hey Yo!! Well I am Behind Credits 45.. So I have To Go To Apalo LAME!!! To Make them Up.. So Senior Year i could Come back Here. Serioiusly I hate This. i Really dont want to leave this school. i love it here. And Love all the friends Ive Met. =/
I wish i Could Leave all this Shit at home. but i cant so ya... Alysha I Love You Sooo Much ur my Best friend in THe world.. lol <3 Danni Katz I Love you Hunny.. <3
Love Alwayz,

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Taylor, im going to miss you
so much. What will I do without
you in choir. </3 you better come back for senoir year bitch. <33
taylor althought right now we might not be getting along..i'll miss you. (the best buddies for life thing you wrote on my binder is still there lol) just get your shit done and you will be able to come back. =]

Oh jeezus. I love you sooo fucking much and I'll miss you like whoa. We seriously need to get together and it was fucking amazing talking to u today. and yesterday. even tho u jokingly called me a slut. which is wayyy better than a cunt/sap. xoxoxoxoxo VERY MUCH ♥ mel
nooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont gooooooooooooooooooooooooo

best of luck at apalo, i hope you get what u need done there, gonna miss you