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I Want You To Want Me

Hey Dont You Love When No-one Comments on your Journal?! lol SOmeone Comment Please.. Thanx Much! i know My Space is The NEW Lj But PLease Kids Comment. Well Tonight I Dont Know Whats going on.. Lame!! Amber has to be Home By 1030 and I Have to Be Home at 12.I Wana Go TO THis Party.. like Whoa. and it sux// I dont knOw what To DO about Amber though See?! Well NeWho.. School Today Wasss GREEEAATTT!!! The Morning time Was Good. Went to Breakfast With The Krew.. Ye yEa!! Well Newho... i Maybe Have Feelings For Somoen Again.. Uhhhh ooooo Not Good! lmao! Well k. Ty Ty Ur The Coolest I Still Love You And I wana Hang OUt More got It?! lol . <3 I Feel Like Im Gonna Expload with my FeelingS!! Like I Dk.. Its Wierd.

Im Getting Over You And Wow It FEELS GREEEEEAAAATTT!!! Woots!

Brie I LOVE YOU! <3 Random...

"Hate Is Baggage,Lifes To Short To be Pissed Off All The Time".. AMERICAN HISTORY X!! Wow Thats So True..

For All The People In my Life Thanx Every one Of You.. Even The People I Had Shit W/ Thanx. Its Helped me.. Thinkking aboutt he past has Made Me See Wayyyyy Clear.. I dk. Its CRAZY!! <3

Poooooo Onnnn Youuuuu!!!!! Jessica I LOve You!! Shara,Courtney,Lynsey,Ciara,Marissa>.. I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

PAZARTIEY Tonight!! YEsssss!! SO Happy! WOots Fuckers! <3



Ive BEen Really Emo LAtley!! </3 Hearts Everywhere!! Click Click Clack Clack!! WUT UP!! Well Im going to GO Cya Fuckerzzzz! <3 love Always, Titty Taylor For Life.. O YEs THOMAS I LOVE YOU BYATCH!! <3
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