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Bomb Shit Weekend Bitches!!

Best Weekend Ever. Thanx To.

Amber/Jess/Cournty/Shara/Lindsy/Ciara/Marrisa/Lance/Zack/Sean/Wes/Turrel/Seth/Joey/Shelly/Josh/Eric/Diana/Mike/Charles/Actually All Of MHM Hehe!! I dont Wana Name All You Guys And Everyone that Was At The Partys Both Night Friday And Saturday.. And Thanx to All My gurls On Sunday Night and Monday! heheheh Clubin Bitches!!!

Alrighty Im Out fuckers <3

*You Were Acting Soooo Wierd Tords Me Sunday Night.. Why*??

Amber Next Weekend Lets Get a Taco Shell and Put Tacos In It And Get Really Cheesed!!! LMAO!! Were Getting You Taco Shell So Effin Happy For you!! Woots! <3
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