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Heyyyy!! I Think Today Was A really Shitty Day!! Lol. Thanx To Sam Kasorobie Mr.Hatton and Ambers Bitch Mom!!! Wow! So In Like an Hour Im Gonna Get High!! Fuckin Eyy Man!! Wow.. All Of You Could Go Suck A Cock!! Much Appreciated!! Neways.. The Day Went By Really Slow. Ehh.. Omgosh!! Tornato Almost Came to Simi Valley Freakin Scary Man.Alota People Didnt Go To School!! Thanx Jess For Calling me at 7 in the morning to See if I was Safe!!! I love you So much!! seriously. Jessica,Amber and Alysha Are my 3 Best Friends in the Fucking World.

I Love All You Guys!! You Guys Make My Day!! <3

Poopy. Doopy Scoopy Loopy.. Ryming Bitches! Hahahaha! Going to The gym Tomorrow Finnaly I Was Supost to GO With Amber today But Nooooo Her Mom Wouldnt Fucking Pick Us Up From There! Lam3 Shitness! Well I guess Ill Blaze With Amber Tomorrow At the Gym!! Ha! lol Niiiice.

Well im Going To Go Its Cold Today And Its Going to Clear Up By Wed/ Yesss Bitches <3..

I dont kNow why I still Want U After Everything!! =/

Hey Amber I DID IT!! IT!!! LMAO!

Later Fools And Foolets!! Lol Im So Wierd! <3
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