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Woots Woots!!

Wow! Ive Had Such A Great Weekend and Now A Great Day! Went Out To The Salvation Army To Get Hick Clothes w/ Thomas and Michael. Then Went to Michaels House And watched Fuckin Kung Pow! omgosh! lol.. Ate Dinner and Had SOOO MUCH FUN!! i love you Guys! Bffl!! Michael Our Horsey Song!! O shit!! lol. I really Need A cig And i think im going to go out and Walk!! Soo i will Write Back Later!! School Was --- Great. I Saw Alot Of People That i havent Seen in a While. Tonight when i came Home I thought about alota Things! About Friends.. About all the friends ive made And all the friends ive Lost. Hum.. True Friends are hard to Cum By.. When I saw wat "YOU" Said i was Not really that hurt because U were Not True TO me or to Anyone! I hate this! i hate you! Like Michael Would Say Go Play On The Freeway! lol. <3 Well i Hate THis And i wish I never Would Of Met U! I love All the People That are in my Life Right now! Amber,Thomas,Sam,Michael AND Tim.. Well im Talking TO Amber Later Bitches! <3

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