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Wana Fuck With Me?! [entries|friends|calendar]
Sober Tay

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Im loving it. [02 Feb 2006|11:02pm]
Semester break has just ended and school started on tuesday...alot of crazy things have been going on..i made up with people i havent talked to in a long ass time.and now im as happy as ever.i have an awesome group of friends that i love kickin it with!! theres so many people at apollo now..its nuts..RYAN im so happy u go there now..to sneak stoges with me behind monte vista! lol...so many people..its different...Holly good luck with your date tomorrow with nick! lol hope you get FUCKED!haha.well i dont know if anyone reads these anymore but i love writting every once in awhile..RYAN u better hurry we should be smoking at the gate right now!!!!!! lol.. fucking ey.anyways...i think im getting fucking sick again!!!!! shit holly..you fucking sick giver! lol umm...i applied for baskin robins today..im pretty sure im going to get the job!! YAY!

school is aweosme as fuck! i passed all my classes last semester..now i have office practice and wood!! haha that class is the shitt.. Lucus,david,george,and ty our little smoke sess's in the back room! haha! so everythings been pretty good..Amber i cant belive you crashed your truck u dumbfuck! lol i love you<3.well i feel emo as fuck right now..and i dont know why... i got really fucked up today and i feel like im coming down!! lol cuz i get emo off pills!well fuckerss....im so happy now.. im finally talking to my old love,good friend again..and its good. we finally hung out and it was like old times...well a little different of course.but it was good. i really missed him..smoking bong loads in his backyard.wow.fun times.

well i think im out. peace <3
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Leaving For Colorado...PlaneStatus [28 Dec 2005|11:26pm]
[ mood | horny ]

i dont know if anyone reads these or mine anymore..but i still can write a lil somethin somethin...okay..well tomorrow im going on a plane 2 COLORADO.Yeah.its gonna be effin cold therre man!! but im bringin some shit so yeah..well i just wanted to say how much i love my friends and how much they actually mean to me...
All of you ... you know who you are...ive driffted from alot of people in my life. and i hate it...people have matured,gotten into WAY TO MANY DRUGS,FUCKED ME OVER,Lied,PLAYED me.whatever the case is...its fucked up...and it sux..

ive thought about many people...and have a grip of people id love to get back with.but i cant. life goes on..we all MOVE on...and i know that.....

James...i think of you every day..i miss you more and more. and it gets harder and harder for me but i have to live life....i love you so much.and i know you wouldnt want me being stupid or DOING STUPID THINGS!!!!!!! i have to LIVE my LIFE! BE SRONG for U! IM DOING IT ALL FOR U BABE. i love u so much.best friends for life..TITLER THE HUN LOVES JAMESY! YEAH BABEY!! lol <3

Rockybabe517: i love you
gimp13813: i love you too
gimp13813: were good friends
Rockybabe517: yeah we are.

^^^thats ME AND JOSH!! I Love U MAN!!!!!!!!!! <3

okay well im going to sleep gotta wake up atttt... 6 shiiiettt.okay ttyl

Love YA ALLZ!!!
<3 Taylor,Tay,Tay Tay,Titty Tay,Titler The Hun,Tities..whatever you call me lol <3

Wanna Know

Jamesy [29 Nov 2005|06:20pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

He was my best guy friend and i will miss him so much. he ment so much to me. whenever i had something to say he was there to listen.one time i called him so late because i wanted to tell him what the answer was to this bio ?. lol he didnt answer but i left a pretty long message. he was everything in a good friend. he had a unique personality thats what i loved about him. he always wanted everyone happy..even if he wasnt he wanted other people to. he was such a good person. great heart.and i will never forget him. EvEr.He made a big impact in my life.if it wasnt for him i probly would be a tweaker.he saved me,u saved me babe,JAMESY.I cant belive your really gone.its to soon,you will only 17 what the fuck!!!!!! u were to young.i guess all i have is the memories.wat we used to do together how it used to be. i saw you eveeryday at school even if you werent at school i saw you or called you or talked to you online.something.u were so close to me and i know i was close to you.hey Maria our bio teacher thought we were going out,did we act like we were? lol wow.thinking back i remeber when i first met you. me and jess had some project to do and i came over.u weere there eating sun flower seeds and i saw you..u were so cute.=)i sat down on the inside of the car seat lol in the garage and you sat next to me.trying to wet me with the hose.haha.we started to flirt and i farted! lol "I always know when im comfterable around someone i could fart".And you laughed and said wow no girl has ever done that. i knew from then i liked you and i had a little feeling you liked me to and hey jess told me you did.haha..wow.we had our little james and taylor thing. and we became the best of friends.james..you were such an important thing to me and i will never forget you.ever..you will be in my heart forever.R.I.P.Jamesy. i love you.i'll be seein you.
Jamesy+Titler The Hun=Best Friends For life Byotch
<3 Titler The Hun

Wanna Know

I Never Knew About Him... [17 Nov 2005|06:50pm]
Well..9th grade i liked you alot and you knew i did..10th we didnt even talk.11th now were good friends and i think i like you all over again..I now remeber what i liked in you.ur cute,funny,sweet,asshole,PERFECT 4 mee..but idk.idk whats going to happen if you feel the same way for you me as i do for you..idk what im going to do...Maybe this weekend well see..;]!! Anyways,a friend of mine who i thought i liked wants to get back with his gf that he claims he loves..but i dont think someone who loves u could cheat on you and like other bitches..ya think? I mean i know im right here. I know he doesnt love her he cant love her..But he claims to everyone he does except me..He tells me diffeerent then he tells everyone else.It just pisses me off he lies..Like he thinks i dont know..Well let him get with his little ugly gf and have a good life with that..Cheating on her and shit..w/e.um..i think this is over with now!! lol im done!!!!!!! yepp..Subway now fuckers!!!!!!!ttyl
<3 Titty Tay
Wanna Know

Yeeeaa Fucker [04 Nov 2005|04:12pm]
I thought i knew you but shit you have changed,and not for the best. you are not caring and sweet like you used to be. i miss my old gimp.. i dont think you care but w.e. i really miss the old one. i love you man!!
<3 Tay
3 Wanna Know

Once A Stoner..Always A Stoner [04 Nov 2005|02:43pm]
[ mood | moody ]

Hey even if i dont smoke bud anymore. im still the same wierd,wild insane crazy tay!! lol ive come to realize that theres more to life then smoking the ganja!! i love it but i cant do it anymore.. i dont want to get in trouble anymore.its not worth it you know? well ya.. same shits been going on.. now im just grounded for this whole weekend!!! hope the weekend goes by wayyyy fast!! Degrassi is on tonight and i still havent seen laguna beach.. so i have some things to catch up on.. my cell phone is not working for some fucking reason..but my SN is Rockybabe517 IM ME FUCKERS!!! then i will have something to do!! yepp but im going to go so ill ttyl
<3 Sober Tay hahaha

Wanna Know

Dreaming Of ___!!!!!! [04 Nov 2005|03:12am]
I saw a shooting star tonight..and i didnt wish for anything..</3
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Hey Everyone!! [15 Sep 2005|07:21pm]
[ mood | high ]

Hey People Wow!! its been forever.. well now im updating.. so many crazy things happend this summer!! its over though but ill list them

hung out with old friends
Feel in love
Best friends
stupid shit
eat things i never ate
Amzing things!!

School started love it. i love the people there and i got a good report.
so many things have been going on.. ttyl

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Heyyy Yallll!!! [27 Apr 2005|09:17pm]
[ mood | Fuck Ya Dude ]

Wow i havent Updated in so fucking long! Shit!! Well Not alot is going on.. just SSDD!! yeppp well just thought id update lol for the hell of it. tomorrow chior pizza fundraiser.

Be There or be Square. k thanx bye!!

<3 Tay

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Im So Emo... [19 Mar 2005|04:56pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Hi.. Well i know Probly No One Wants to Hear my Emo Shit But I Dont Care. lol <3 Okay Well alot of shit has been going on in my life lately.. like alot of Mixed feelings. Guys are so Fucking Confusing!! lol Why do I have to Still Think about him??I Know He just wants to be friends and thats how its always going to be and i got that I guess.... Anyways...Has Your Old Best Friend ever called you a bitch and had no reason to??? Hum... Well that happend to me this week.. lol it was funny... But Shit Happens Right?!? Ya.. Well NEWS FLASH!! Me And My Wife Jessica Are going on Our Honneymoon After Im Off Grounding Isnt that Exciting Hehehe! Well Ya... My Birthdays Comeing up Very Soon Way Excited.. Im Going to be 16 BITCHES!!

*Do You Think its Possible To Love Someone Your Whole Life And never Really Realize It Untill Something Happens That Makes you See!?!?*

Want To Do Something??
Want To go To Taco Bell??
"I Cant go To Taco Bell Karen Im On An All Carb Diet"
"How Could You Be So STOOOOPID!!!"


Well im going to go ttyl Bitches... Cyaz...

Amber Jones I Miss You...Jessica I love You... Thomas Wana Bone!! Lmao Jk. Dur. Michael i fucking want to have your Babies!! hahahaha!! Britt Ur Missed By Me Much Love Baby!!!! The Krew Im In love WIth you All Differently!! <3

Love Always,

Coke is For Dopes!!! O Shit!!

4 Wanna Know

I Love The Way You Say I Love You [17 Feb 2005|10:43am]
[ mood | sick ]

Hey Yo!! Well I am Behind Credits 45.. So I have To Go To Apalo LAME!!! To Make them Up.. So Senior Year i could Come back Here. Serioiusly I hate This. i Really dont want to leave this school. i love it here. And Love all the friends Ive Met. =/
I wish i Could Leave all this Shit at home. but i cant so ya... Alysha I Love You Sooo Much ur my Best friend in THe world.. lol <3 Danni Katz I Love you Hunny.. <3
Love Alwayz,


6 Wanna Know

I Want You To Want Me [21 Jan 2005|04:31pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Hey Dont You Love When No-one Comments on your Journal?! lol SOmeone Comment Please.. Thanx Much! i know My Space is The NEW Lj But PLease Kids Comment. Well Tonight I Dont Know Whats going on.. Lame!! Amber has to be Home By 1030 and I Have to Be Home at 12.I Wana Go TO THis Party.. like Whoa. and it sux// I dont knOw what To DO about Amber though See?! Well NeWho.. School Today Wasss GREEEAATTT!!! The Morning time Was Good. Went to Breakfast With The Krew.. Ye yEa!! Well Newho... i Maybe Have Feelings For Somoen Again.. Uhhhh ooooo Not Good! lmao! Well k. Ty Ty Ur The Coolest I Still Love You And I wana Hang OUt More got It?! lol . <3 I Feel Like Im Gonna Expload with my FeelingS!! Like I Dk.. Its Wierd.

Im Getting Over You And Wow It FEELS GREEEEEAAAATTT!!! Woots!

Brie I LOVE YOU! <3 Random...

"Hate Is Baggage,Lifes To Short To be Pissed Off All The Time".. AMERICAN HISTORY X!! Wow Thats So True..

For All The People In my Life Thanx Every one Of You.. Even The People I Had Shit W/ Thanx. Its Helped me.. Thinkking aboutt he past has Made Me See Wayyyyy Clear.. I dk. Its CRAZY!! <3

Poooooo Onnnn Youuuuu!!!!! Jessica I LOve You!! Shara,Courtney,Lynsey,Ciara,Marissa>.. I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

PAZARTIEY Tonight!! YEsssss!! SO Happy! WOots Fuckers! <3



Ive BEen Really Emo LAtley!! </3 Hearts Everywhere!! Click Click Clack Clack!! WUT UP!! Well Im going to GO Cya Fuckerzzzz! <3 love Always, Titty Taylor For Life.. O YEs THOMAS I LOVE YOU BYATCH!! <3

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Bomb Shit Weekend Bitches!! [18 Jan 2005|08:21am]
[ mood | confused ]

Best Weekend Ever. Thanx To.

Amber/Jess/Cournty/Shara/Lindsy/Ciara/Marrisa/Lance/Zack/Sean/Wes/Turrel/Seth/Joey/Shelly/Josh/Eric/Diana/Mike/Charles/Actually All Of MHM Hehe!! I dont Wana Name All You Guys And Everyone that Was At The Partys Both Night Friday And Saturday.. And Thanx to All My gurls On Sunday Night and Monday! heheheh Clubin Bitches!!!

Alrighty Im Out fuckers <3

*You Were Acting Soooo Wierd Tords Me Sunday Night.. Why*??

Amber Next Weekend Lets Get a Taco Shell and Put Tacos In It And Get Really Cheesed!!! LMAO!! Were Getting You Taco Shell So Effin Happy For you!! Woots! <3

Wanna Know

Rain=Sleepy [10 Jan 2005|04:29pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Heyyyy!! I Think Today Was A really Shitty Day!! Lol. Thanx To Sam Kasorobie Mr.Hatton and Ambers Bitch Mom!!! Wow! So In Like an Hour Im Gonna Get High!! Fuckin Eyy Man!! Wow.. All Of You Could Go Suck A Cock!! Much Appreciated!! Neways.. The Day Went By Really Slow. Ehh.. Omgosh!! Tornato Almost Came to Simi Valley Freakin Scary Man.Alota People Didnt Go To School!! Thanx Jess For Calling me at 7 in the morning to See if I was Safe!!! I love you So much!! seriously. Jessica,Amber and Alysha Are my 3 Best Friends in the Fucking World.

I Love All You Guys!! You Guys Make My Day!! <3

Poopy. Doopy Scoopy Loopy.. Ryming Bitches! Hahahaha! Going to The gym Tomorrow Finnaly I Was Supost to GO With Amber today But Nooooo Her Mom Wouldnt Fucking Pick Us Up From There! Lam3 Shitness! Well I guess Ill Blaze With Amber Tomorrow At the Gym!! Ha! lol Niiiice.

Well im Going To Go Its Cold Today And Its Going to Clear Up By Wed/ Yesss Bitches <3..

I dont kNow why I still Want U After Everything!! =/

Hey Amber I DID IT!! IT!!! LMAO!

Later Fools And Foolets!! Lol Im So Wierd! <3

Wanna Know

I Feel Like Screaming [02 Jan 2005|12:53am]
[ mood | horny ]

Hiii. I had An Awesome Brek But now Its cuming to An end!! Fuck!! Ya. I really Dont Wana Go To School Because of all The Drama! seriously. Guys Sam Thomas And Michael.I Need To THink About Alot Of Shit!! SO if i Dont hang W/ You Guys that Doesnt mEan that I Dont Love you Guys! It Just Means I need TO Think About Alota Shit And whats Going on!! Kk!??!!?k Welll Newayz NEW YEARS WAS THE BOMB BABY!! HECK YES! Chilled with mu two Best friends Amber and Jessica. James/Shane And Jacob.. Bird Chilled for a while too. Yay! We Partied All Night Long!! Heck Yes!! Lol. I slept Oover @ Jessicas House and Went to sleep at 330. Me and Jessica Couldnt Stop Talking Shit! lol. then Went to Burbank Airport to Drop of My COusin and Went to Breakfast.. yesssss! then Got Home and Chilled Went to Ambers. Walked to Regal. Hung Out with Josh/James/Bird/Randy/Erin/Jessica/Shane/Allison ANd A Shit Load Of People.. Yesss! Then Walked To Ambers House waited for mom to pick me up. 11:15 Home. And Now Im Bored Shitless!! lol..

I Want To Get over You But Something Inside Of Me Wont LEt Me!! =/.. FUcking Ey!!! Well i will see you soon Bitch!! lol </3 Amber I Just Wana Say!! You Are my Best Friend And i love you!! Jessica Thanx For Everything!! I love you so much Best Friends For Life Fuckers!! TJA FOR LYF3!! lol <3 "Matty Doesnt Know That Amber And Bird Do IT In His Truck Every Sunday".. LMAO! Amber You Naughty Fucker!! J.k. <33 Bird I Love YOU! P.S. Tyler And Alysha Came To Regal Tonight!! Had Alota Fun!! Withought Asshole there it Would of Been Better!! Tyler i now Know Your True Colors.. Thanx. **You Act Like Nothing Ever Happend Between Us.. =/ But Maybe I should To** IM GoinG To GO LAter Fools!! Cya <33 Love Always, Tay Tay

3 Wanna Know

O Yes Baby!! [27 Dec 2004|09:27pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Heyyyy Yalls! Im in Sucha Awesome Mood Its Insane! LOL!! Well Winter break Has Been Awesome But its Now Cuming to And End// =(! Yeah.. mOnday Back To school One More Week To Have Fun And Stay Up And Party All Night Long!! Yay! <3 Just Talked to Amber and were going to the Mall tomorrow morning!! yess!!! Way Excited! Yeah then getting our nails done! woots! My Brother is Makin Dinner Yumm. The Weekend Break Down..

Regal/Dvds/Smokin Bud/Drinkin/Chillin/Drivin/Partyin/Park/Midnight/Laughs/Cigs/Friends/Hookin up/Confused Shit/Wall Hoping/Wreastling/The Grass/Valley View/Getting Cigs/The Boys/the Girls/Lieing/Music Bumpin/Kick Back/Simba/5:30/Sleeping/Chillin/Pipes/Raining/Falling/Flirting/Havin Fun//// That Night Was So Much Fun!!

Im Gonna Go// Later Fools/ <333

Havent Talked To sam Or Thomas In Three Days!! Wierd.. Just Thinking About It... Thanx K Bye <3

::Amber I love You::
::Call My Cell::

I love My Amber Mall Tomorrow Bitchness!

Wanna Know

[25 Dec 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | Hells Yes ]

Have you ever:
• kissed someone: Yes
• gotten drunk: Heck Yes
• worn rainbows: Dont think so..
• talked on the phone for over 3 hours: Hahaha Yea I Have
• left the country: Nope
• had a party with over 30 people: Ye Yea
• taken nude pictures: Lmao Of Chorse
• stolen something: Yea
• caught something on fire: Umm I think so
• cheated on someone: No
• wanted to cheat on someone: Nope
• asked someone out: Yes To A Pussy That Wouldnt Ask me Out he was Afraid to haha
• had a dream, then the next day it happens: Yea Thats Actually Happend alot lol

Last person:
• you touched: Sam
• you talked to: My Brother
• you hugged: Jj
• you kissed: Amber ;)
• you instant messaged: Allison
• who broke your heart: "The Bitch" lol Amber ;)

Info about yourself:
• what is your birth name? Taylor
• what is your birthday? May 17,1989
• current age? 15
• do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope Going Solo For Now
• how tall are you? 5'5
• shoe size?: 6
• brothers/sisters? 1 Brother
• job ? Um No

In the last 48 hours:
• cried?: Yes
• missed someone?: Umm Yes
• yelled at someone?: No
• changed your underwear?: Yeah
• drove somewhere?: Not me Driving But If it means Have I Drove Somewhere in the last 48 hours then no!! lol
• been online?: Yea Everyday
• smiled?: Every Second of The Day
• had sex?: Nope
• kissed someone?: Yeah
• hugged someone?: Yes Sir

Have you ever:
• been in trouble with the police?: Yes I have W/ these Fuckers. Sam,Thomas And Michael. lol
• hit someone?: Ya
• broke something?: Of Chorse
• betrayed a friend?: I DOnt Think I have..
• played strip poker ?: Yes I have Baby!!
• skipped school?: Of Chorse
• shot a gun?: Nope
• smoked weed?: Hells Yes
• dyed your hair?: Streaked it?!

Well im Out. Later Fools. <333

Wanna Know

Christmas!! [25 Dec 2004|01:10am]
[ mood | drained ]

Hey Everyone!! Christmas Eve Was The Best Ever!! I Had The Best Time Thanx To Sams Whole Family!! I love Her Family soooo Much!! THanx Sam! I love U!! Tim Also Showed Up And Made Things Fun As Always!! <4 hehe thanx Babe!!! Yeah So theres Another guy i have my eye on now! lmao!!!!!! Sam!! lol. Newayz! I had Fun Tonight Thanx!! Marry Chirstmas To Everyone!! <333 I Got A presant From Sam And Thomas Thanx Guys! <3 But Yeah...

I thought about something.. Really.. I was looking at My Live journal posts and Seeing what i wrote down.. and i was reading them and i came across one, seeing who the people Who Really Matter Or whose REALLY been There For ME.. Yeah So seeing that i Already Picked one off My list. Thanx Asshole! Yeah So Newho im Bored now And Cant wait for tomorrow. Going to Sams W/ the FAMILY and Having fucking Fun!! once Again! lol.. Being with the people i really love and care about is Soo much Fuckin Fun!! <33

Well Brittney Once agian is Nottttt Cumin Out!! Wow No Suprise!!lol. </3 Newayz! Next time Britt When you say ur cumin out Make it for sure first or lemie See the Airline Tickets Something!! Please Thanx! Much Apprecitated! So as The Night went on im Home and Doing NOTHING NADDA ZIPPERONIE!! lol. i Feel Like im Getting Fat! And i Am Im going to Loose Weight Starting..... Tomorrow... really... DIeting Sounds Good and so Does Gym!! O Fuck Yes I am Going tO sign up For THe Gym Heck yes Bitches! lol. Well.. Im going to go to bed now Thinking of "The Bitch".. And Ya!! lol. Later Fools!! <3333

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Im Getting Fat.. =( [14 Dec 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Alot Went On Today.. Went to School. Ugh. A Fight Broke Out Today..LAME! Sooo Chior Went Actually Good Today! We Didnt Suck HARDCORE!!! lol. Lunch Was Kinda Funny/Pissed off.. hahaha.. All the Doing of One Fucking Person!! THANX ALOT!!! Go Play On THe Freeway!! Newayz.. Lunch Passed Math Hit!! Omgosh! New there was going to be a Problem.. hahaha! Sam and Kaylee I swear.. hahaha! Sam Ur So Funny. I could Just see you saying Wana Talk More SHIT! lol. Well It was Getting a Little To Krazy So I stood Up.. hahaha! SAM STOP! PLEASE! lol. Niiiice.. hehehe. well then 7th went to Fuckin Kholes w/ Sam and We had a Blast. The day Was Called Everyone Show up At Kholes Day!!! hahaha! well on our Journey Home we Almost Got killed!! lol. then pinto Showed up outa no where. we got cold Stone and kept on walking. Then Met Jes. and Sprinted Back to School.. hehehe

We Came Back like 310. yay! so we said bye and i went across the Street w/ Jess and Sat w/ her and amanda And had a Cigy and then my mom came at like 345 or something.. and i went home. Chilled at home Doing NOTHING! Went to Ambers For 3 hours. and then came home and now Writting in Livejournal!! hehe!! Really not looking foward to tomorrow. 2 hours in Computer apps!! ehh SHITTYNESS! well yeah.. im going to go Sleepy!! 11:00!! O shit! Nighty Night

<33 always The TayMySter.

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Woots Woots!! [13 Dec 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Wow! Ive Had Such A Great Weekend and Now A Great Day! Went Out To The Salvation Army To Get Hick Clothes w/ Thomas and Michael. Then Went to Michaels House And watched Fuckin Kung Pow! omgosh! lol.. Ate Dinner and Had SOOO MUCH FUN!! i love you Guys! Bffl!! Michael Our Horsey Song!! O shit!! lol. I really Need A cig And i think im going to go out and Walk!! Soo i will Write Back Later!! School Was --- Great. I Saw Alot Of People That i havent Seen in a While. Tonight when i came Home I thought about alota Things! About Friends.. About all the friends ive made And all the friends ive Lost. Hum.. True Friends are hard to Cum By.. When I saw wat "YOU" Said i was Not really that hurt because U were Not True TO me or to Anyone! I hate this! i hate you! Like Michael Would Say Go Play On The Freeway! lol. <3 Well i Hate THis And i wish I never Would Of Met U! I love All the People That are in my Life Right now! Amber,Thomas,Sam,Michael AND Tim.. Well im Talking TO Amber Later Bitches! <3


Wanna Know

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